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Wick Sticker

Wick Sticker

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A wick sticker is a small, self-adhesive label that is used to attach a wick to the bottom of a container, such as a candle jar or tin. The sticker typically has a circular or rectangular shape, with a central hole that the wick is threaded through before being pressed onto the bottom of the container.

Wick stickers are typically made from a heat-resistant material, such as a special type of adhesive or paper that can withstand the heat of the candle wax as it melts. The sticker serves as an anchor for the wick, holding it securely in place at the bottom of the container while the candle is burning.

Code: WS-20
Quantity: 20pcs per pack

Code: WS-100
Quantity: 100pcs per pack

Size: 1mm diameter
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